1. What sizes do you offer?

Our socks are super stretchy. Our standard 10×13 unisex adult socks usually fit anyone from kids in late elementary school to larger men with size 16 shoes. Here are all the parameters on sizing.

  • 13×16  – Extra Large
  • 10×13  – Unisex Adult
  • 9×11    – Women/Older Girls
  • 6×8     – Youth

2. Where are your socks made?

We make these socks in Southern California with American Made Quality. We do have overseas production available for large quantities, running at about 8 weeks turnaround.

3. What colors can you do?

We have plenty of yarn colors available. We take a PMS color and match as closely as possible, allowing flexibility within the design. We have 1 body color and can do up to 5 logo colors.

4. What format should I send my artwork in?

You can send you artwork in most file formats (.jpg, .png, .eps, .ai, etc.). We will have to take the artwork and pixelate the image. Note that our effective resolution is 25 dots per inch, so the simpler the better.

5. What are your minimums?

For Custom woven socks our minimum is 125 pairs. For Dye Sublimation and Embroidery, we can go as low as 48 pairs.

6. Are there any restrictions?

There should be no imprint on the heel and the toe. The heel and the toe must be the same color. We can do all-over patterns.

7. Can you split by sizes?

We can split by sizes in half of the order, but not by color.

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